This topic is one of our specialties. We are certified program agents in guiding people with access to rentals they can't find elsewhere, and programs they didn't even know existed.

Explore which one of the rental program options is the right option for you? When we consult with you, we will help guide you to the right option, but first to get you started...Let me explain each one of the options.

The D1 Program: A True Rent-To-Own Program

The D1 Program is designed for those who can't or don't want to own right now, but you do intend on buying the home eventually when the time is right and a portion of your rent payments will count towards your downpayment later.  You work with us to seek out and pick out the perfect home that you choose, the D1 program buys the house, and rents it back to you on a rent to own basis!


The H1 Program: A Rental Program (with a flexible option to buy if desired)

The H1 program is a great option for those who just want to find a home or townhome to rent. You do have the added flexibility to lock in on an option to buy the home later if you so choose, but you don't have to, and there is never any penalty if you just decide to only rent, and never want to buy it. That's the great thing about the flexibility with this program. You have the option to lock in on the equity in your rental property if you so choose to.

You will work with us to seek out and pick out the perfect rental home that you choose, the H1 program buys the house, and rents it back to you on a minimal 1 year lease basis.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE   H1: RENTAL PROGRAM (with option to buy)

Comparing the MAIN differences of the two program home options above:

Which home program is right for you? The D1 Rent-To-Own or the H1 Rental with an Optional Buy program? We recommend exploring both options...but here is a brief comparison:

🔸 The H1 program has a $99 application fee to apply, while the D1 program is free to apply.

🔸 The D1 program applies a portion of your rental payments towards your purchase, while the H1 does not. The D1 program does have higher monthly rental rates than the H1 program due to the savings portion of that monthly payment that goes back into a savings account for your downpayment to buy

🔸 The H1 has no penalty if you decide not to purchase the property later, while the D1 has a 2% re-listing fee.

While the 2 program options above have a varying range of commitment levels and options, there is also a third alternative to getting a home outside of bank financing that some may want to consider, and that is a contract for deed program mentioned below: 

Contract For Deed Option

A Contract For Deed is another great option for many. They can be misunderstood, and not as widely used. With this option, you actually own the home from the very beginning.